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planb January 6th, 2008 10:26 PM

anyone take taxi to Atlantis?
Has anyone just took a taxi to Atlantis and shopping on thier own> What is the cost to get into Atlantis to see the aquarium? And what is the BIG shopping place we keep hearing about there on the island? Can you do this on your own in the time they have there? And if the taxi's are even needed or can you walk? Not sure any of the excusions interest us or if this might be better. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Nothin but blue skies January 6th, 2008 11:32 PM

We went to Nassua almost two years ago and, after an excursion to Blackbeards Cay, which was wonderful, decided to take a taxi to Atlantis. We still laugh because we asked the driver if the van had air conditioning. He said yes, so we asked him to just take us for a little tour of Nassua and then to drop us off at Atlantis. The van had A/C and blew hot air - no freon. We left that taxi and found one that had COLD A/C - we asked first. LOL

Once we arrived at the hotel, we just looked at a few of the shops inside and went into the casino, then on to the dining area of the hotel. From there we toured the aquarium. It was gorgeous. I cannot remember the cost, but I am sure you could check the Atlantis Hotel on-line for that info. When we came out of the aquarium, we walked the grounds of the resort, which was beautiful and took amazing photos. This was a very relaxing afternoon for us. We then took a taxi back to the ship. I don't remember paying a lot for the taxi, but don't recall exactly how much it was.

Meggles January 7th, 2008 03:18 PM

We went to Atlantis back in October, while on the Liberty. We actually took a water taxi, which was nice in that you got to view a few cool homes on the way to paradise island, but then there was a good 10-15 minute walk to get to the resort. That day was REALLY hot, and we saw people stopping right and left to "rest." The water taxis were $3 pp. Car taxis were $4 per person, had air conditioning, and brought you right up to the resort's front entrance. Which one you choose to do depends on your stamina :-) The resort itself was amazing. I think tickets for the aquarium were $30pp, which is steep, but not if you really take your time and wander around. The exhibits were beautiful, and my son is still raving about the 14 foot wingspan of Zues, a huge manta ray they were preparing to return to the ocean, as he'd grown to big for the exhibit...

GOTTA CRUISE NOW January 7th, 2008 04:03 PM

We took the water taxi over to Atlantis, and it was SCARY. (IMHO) :wink:
It was pretty rickety, with those white plastic chairs on the deck. My sister & I laugh about it now, but at the time we kept looking at each other & rolling our eyes. We were glad to get on solid ground again!
And yes, you did still have quite a hike after you got off the boat. We "rested" a few times! We went to the beach next door to Atlantis, which was nice again, except for the hike over the HUGE sand dune in the 90+ degree weather. Anyway... Long story short, we took the taxi back. :D

Trip January 7th, 2008 04:40 PM

When you get off the ship now, after a short walk, you enter into a terminal, that has small stalls, that sell various craft items...walking through and up the street, you are no on the main shopping street, Bay Street.

The large straw market is also on Bay St. this is where loclas sell there crafts, and where you can bargain...

Tha last time I took a cab to Atlantis, it was $10.00...

lhp January 7th, 2008 07:00 PM

I would definately recommend a LAND taxi over the water taxi. We did that once and it was enough. Far to many people crammed into a space that had it turned over, we would have had no way to escape.

I would be surprised if the taxi ride for 4 people was more than $10. When we did The Dig (the aquarium) it was $25 a person. Sounds like they have gone up. However, if you are on a cruise that arrives early and you get to The Dig before 8AM (that is when the kiosk opens) ...just start walking through it like you own the place.

We paid the full price the first time....however, we got there at 7:30am the next time and the kiosk was not we just walked through on our own. If anyone asks why you don't have a wristband ...just tell them the truth..they were not open!! No one ever asked us.

As interesting as it was, I thought $25 was ridiculous. I can't see paying $30. IMHO You can see a lot of the aquarium from the downstairs restaurant.

As for shopping, there is plenty around the ship area. The Straw Market for folks that are into that....and several streets away from the dock have shops. John Bull has a great selection of Rolex watches. Their prices are not as good as Kirk's in Grand Cayman...but they have the best selection.

beenie weenie January 7th, 2008 08:20 PM

There is a Comfort Suites nearby and if you rent a Day Room there, you will have full access to Atlantis. If you have a long port day and four of you it may be worth it. but otherwise I'd just walk around Atlantis and see as much as you can then go hang at Paradise Beach next door for free.

melissaj426 January 11th, 2008 12:11 AM

We bought the excursion to the Atlantis through Carnival and I think it was 39 dollars pp but I'm not sure how much it is to just walk into the hotel and buy a pass. On our way back there were people buying passes on the boat and they were 3 dollars pp so we felt stupid because it was the same boat that carnival used for the excersion. They did the tour and told about the houses both ways so depending on how far you want to walk you could take the water taxi one way and a regular taxi the other way. When we walked to the Atlantis we did walk through a big shopping area with lots of high end stores and there were a few inside the hotel.

popsec January 11th, 2008 03:01 PM

The best thing to do is just take a taxi ($4 pp each way) and you can see much of the aquarium, both from the inside and outside along the paths for free), you can go in the casino, shops, etc. The place is gorgeous and costs nothing to see alot of it.

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