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David Medici July 31st, 2002 01:10 PM

Should I cruise to Bermuda in October
Well this is it we are getting married and we are going on our honeymoon. Bermuda was picked as a posible destination. The ship and times were picked as a convenience to where we live (Richmond, VA).

I was wondering if anyone has taken Celebrity Cruises and if so how did you like them. The Horizon is the ship, and October is the time.

Quite frankly its out first time and we both are prone to motion sickness. Her-i-cane and Him-a-cane season is one or our chief concerns about going in October.

Any ideas



AR July 31st, 2002 11:49 PM

Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October
Dear Wimps:

The Captain will not sail you into a hurricane. He just won't. He's got good weather reports and terrific radar and other devices, and believe it or not, he can easily set a speed and course to avoid hurricanes. The guy would have to be a bonehead for you to meet up with a hurricane, and boneheads don't make captain.

Does this mean you won't encounter motion or rough seas. No, it doesn't. There's no way to guarantee completely calm waters. But you won't run into anything the ship can't easily handle. Plus, the gyro-controlled stabilizer fins on the ship generally do a pretty good job of minimizing side-to-side motion. If you suffer from motion sickness you're best off in a room midships (roughly halfway between the bow and the stern) and on a lower deck. Many people advocate the over-the-counter medication Bonine as a remedy. The skin patches seem to be somewhat out of favor. Others feel that the bracelets with the pressure beads are effective. Finally, the ship's doctor can administer shots if the other techniques don't work.

Most who post on this board are veterans of Celebrity cruises, many are multiple repeaters, and a large majority will tell you that Celebrity is an excellent line, one of the best.

Bermuda is a terrific destination. We went there on our honeymoon 33 years ago and have been back several times since. Have fun.


PBP August 1st, 2002 10:17 AM

Re: Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October
Hi, David,
I have been to Bermuda on the Meridian, Horizon and Zenith from New York, Philly and Charleston more times than I can count, and October is by far my favorite time of the year to go. Yes, the seas in the Atlantic are rougher than in the Caribbean and I have seen some seasickness occur among passengers. But AR's comments were right on about hurricanes and about seasickness medications. Though I rarely need it any more, I am a firm believer in Bonine (meclazine) as a preventive measure. However, I am told that it will not work if you are already sick. It does tend to make you slightly drowsy but not nearly as much as some of the other motion sickness meds. I just returned from a cruise with two friends who were also afraid of seasickness and I had them take one-half tablet about 30 minutes before we sailed and periodically through the next day at sea, and they did not experience any nausea at all. After the second day, they stopped it altogether and were fine for the rest of the cruise. However, we were in the Caribbean and the seas were relatively calm. So I urge you and your wife to take it as a preventive medication until you get your sea legs.

I know you will love Bermuda. It remains my favorite island and my favorite cruise.
All the best,

Longboysfan August 1st, 2002 12:16 PM

Re: Re: Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October
Try room 6140. On the inside and low.
Yes. You are rolling the dice into what may be a rock and roll trip.
But - Your tied up in Bermuda for 4 days.

pamda August 2nd, 2002 10:04 AM

Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October
Dear Wimps ...

October is an IDEAL time for Bermuda. It's not as hot as it is in high summer.

Like PBP, we've done Bermuda on Meridian, Horizon and Zenith.

One thing, if you are worried about motion sickness ... DO NOT get an inside cabin.

Prophylactic Bonine (start the day before your cruise) is the best bet.

We have experienced some rock n' roll on the way to or from Bermuda, but I think it's kind of fun, old salt that I am.

If you start to feel sick (first clue, a non-specific headache) get yourself on a weather deck. DO NOT return to your cabin and lie down.

And don't worry about her- and him-icanes. No way is the Captain going to endanger himself, his crew, an expensive ship, and a boatload of litigious passengers. We once followed a hurricane (that WAS some kind of rock n' roll!) and once outran one on the way home. Ships travel MUCH faster than hurricanes.

While you are in Bermuda, why don't you do my husband's and my favorite thing? Stop into a liqour store, buy a can of Gosling's Dark n' Stormy for each (place same in paper bag) and board the "local" ferry which goes from Hamilton to the Royal Navy Dockyard.

You can do it one way and pick up a bus the other way or you can reverse and return.

E-mail me, if you want, and I will tell you about the greatest, almost private, beach on the island. I don't post it in public because EVERYONE would start showing up there !

Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming marriage. May your love for each other and love for cruising grow with every passing year.

BettyAnn August 5th, 2002 09:46 AM

Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October
You just can't go wrong with Bermuda as your destination - it's the most beautiful place you can imagine. We just cruised there from NY in July (our 2nd cruise, but 8th trip to Bermuda). We went on the Horizon and it was great! Food, crew and everything was just wonderful. The day we left Bermuda for home, it was a bit rough, and foolishly, I thought a nap would help - wrong! When I woke up, my husband went out to the desk to get me meclazine, which they were dispensing to many others, and it helped a LOT! I wasn't sure I'd be able to go to dinner, but I made it, and things got better as the night went on. Good advice from Pam to NOT lie down! October is a grat time in Bermuda, from what I hear, so enjoy and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! BettyAnn

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