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Melaniausa October 29th, 2004 07:10 PM

Just returned from the Summit
I just returned from the Summit 10 day sailing. I had a wonderful time, weather was great except one day while we were in St Kitts. I had such a great time I booked the same cruise for April and cancelled my Millie cruise. If anyone has any specific questions please feel free to e mail me at:

Looking forward to the Connie on Jan 8th!

Terry Dunning October 29th, 2004 09:25 PM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
We are sailing on the Summit on the 5th of November. Were you tendered into any of the ports?


CruzCrazy October 29th, 2004 09:43 PM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
Hey Melanie.....glad you liked this cruise. I did it last December and I think it's the best Caribbean cruise anyone could go on. I would definately book this one again. The Summit and the itinerary is great. It is a very relaxing cruise with the two sea days, five ports, then two sea days.

I am going on the Millenium in Jan for a quick 7 day cruise. Even though we like longer cruises, our travelmates can only do a 7 dayer.

Just got off the Constellation and I think she will give the Summit a run for the money. I don't have one complaint about the Connie, I would definately cruise that ship again, as well as the Summit.

Glad you had a great time.

Yannis October 30th, 2004 02:16 PM

Re: Just returned from the Summit

Was Papanicolaou the captain on the Constellation? He is considerd one of the best.

Linda B October 30th, 2004 06:15 PM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
We are also booked on the Summit Nov. 5th. Looking forward to a 10 day cruise as I've only done 7 days before. Is the ship as glorious looking as the online virtual tour they have on the website? I have been looking at the different rooms, dining room area, etc and I am so excited as it is my honeymoon as well. Got married the end of August and postponed the honeymoon to now.

Melaniausa October 31st, 2004 08:21 AM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
Terry- There is no tendering at any of the ports aboard the summit. Getting on and off the ship is a breeze, no lines at all. Immigration went very well, very quickly through the lines.

Linda B- Yes this ship is glorious, I find it much prettier inside then the Infinity. I like the casino a bit better and the colors are much nicer. I think you will have a great time.

Cruz Crazy- I am looking forward to the Constellation on Jan 8th. I have never been on that ship so I am hoping it gives the Summit a run for its money. I also prefer the longer cruises as well, you can relax more.

Benjamin Smith October 31st, 2004 08:52 AM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
Connie vs. Summit. Same ship. Different colors and patterns. No significant differences. Connie will be first to get bar at the edge of the world, so here's where she'll differ from the other Millennium ships, until they get fitted for this feature.

CruzCrazy October 31st, 2004 10:48 AM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
Yannis - Yes Captain Nick Papanicolaou was at the helm on the Constellation. He was at the Captain's Club and the Welcome Gala and talked about our he loved the Constellation and how exciting it is to go into the Saguenay River and be able to turn around.

We had Derek Habraken as our Cruise Director, he was the best I've seen so far.

Suni at the Martini Bar puts on a great "Cocktails" show. And Perry Grant in Michael's Club is great entertainment with his oldies but goodies singing and piano playing. He's a riot.

Benjamin - It's hard to judge the Connie vs. Summit, because you never know what kind of service you will get. But I give the Connie a "10" in everything from service to entertainment, food, cleanliness etc......

hcat October 31st, 2004 10:51 AM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
Have been on both--Summit in March for that great itin described above (just now putting my album together so I am having nice memories!) We also took Constellation to Canada a few weeks ago. It was fabulous also...We did have Captain Papanikolaou. He was outstanding for the whole trip & especially the day we went to the Saguenay River--it was the first time for Celeb going up that river & he really handled the ship perfectly--going into a bay, sounding the horn--what a glorious day it was! Derek Habraken, the cruise director on Constellation is also really tops-very energetic & warm.. As for the ships--they are the same in design but each has it's own decor..I preferred Constellation--much lighter & brighter than Summit with its drab greys & browns & also the art was not quite as bizzaro! But that's personal taste. Also each cruise is different--we just were so lucky to have had two wonderful cruise experiences in one yr.. Nest one is on Royal's Brilliance so I hope we can adjust to the food & different approah--but we here it's a great ship! Can't wait

Benjamin Smith October 31st, 2004 05:24 PM

Re: Just returned from the Summit

Thanks for info.

Perry Grant is with Celebrity now??!! That's enough for me to sail the Constellation again and I really don't like the ship. I saw Perry Grant on HAL's Veendam and he made the cruise. Like you say, he's a riot. He has a great schtick going and wonderful rapport with the crowd. This is a great development.

Captain Papanikalau's (sp?) first name is Ioannis (pronounced Yanni). He's a treasure.

Regarding the Constellation, I had Ioannis, and he was wonderful, but when I sailed her food and entertainment was very uneven and at times awful. Wait service was quite poor, but that's the luck of the draw in the dining room. The ship was sparkling clean, however. It really depends when you sail a ship and the personnel you encounter at the time, probably down to the head chef in terms of dining food. Regarding the physical ships, I'd give the Millennium a 6 at best. 5 for the three that follow. Lots of space and not enough variety of public spaces, IMO, with uninviting lounges and some space inefficiencies as well as insufficient deck space. And they all have almost the same decor, just different patterns and colors, but the furnishings are almost exactly the same.

If and when Celebrity builds new ships I hope they fix inefficiences and mechanical gremlins from the Millennium ships. And I hope, they actually make the sister ships with their own furnishings and personality, like they did the Century sisters and even areas of the Horizon sisters.

Terry Dunning October 31st, 2004 08:57 PM

Re: Re: Just returned from the Summit
Melanie: Thanks for the info. I am renting a scooter since I have problems walking and look forward to getting off the ship on these islands. Had problems with prior I'll be able to see something. Not too long now. Getting butterflies.


Melaniausa November 1st, 2004 05:02 AM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
Terry- I think that is a great idea about the scooter. You should be able to see and do a lot.

Benjamin- I agree with you regarding the Century class ships, they have their own personality and are individualistic. Century and Galaxy are my favorite ships on Celebrity. I have a wonderful time each and every time I sail Celebrity though, to me it does not matter which ship I sail on. Since my prior 13 cruises with Celebrity, each and every time I sail now with Celebrity the service gets even better and each cruise seems to top the last cruise taken. Looking forward to my next cruise on the Constellation in January.

Benjamin Smith November 1st, 2004 06:33 AM

Re: Just returned from the Summit
With any product there are constants and variables. With Celebrity the constant would be the Celebrity style and activities, the particular ship though it may be refurbished and redesigned in areas, the ports although conditions can vary at the ports. The variables are the crew and how they interact with each other and supervision, the Captain can impact the feel of the ship and the cleanliness factor, the weather, fellow passengers and the ambiance they create, entertainers.

I judge cruises and ships by variables and constants. A particular ship does not necessarily have good service and food, it is the crew and conditions on board that provides this and crews rotate from ship to ship. I remember seeing pictures of Suni on the Summit, for instance. I also try to evaluate ships, how they work as ships. And when I evaluate I look for things that cruisers use, whether or not I use them. For me, cruisers use deck space, various deck space. I never go into the pool but that doesn't mean that they don't matter because I don't use them. I don't use casinos but that doesn't mean the ship's casino content, design, do not matter. I can think of few ships that don't compromise something in terms of a ship feature. So, looking at the ship one can look at ship navigation; ratio of deck space and how it is divided from top to bottom of the ship; pool areas; evaluating dining rooms in terms of waiter station placement, placement of seats, traffic flows, waiter's distance to galley, placement onboard ship, etc.

Overall, when I look at the new generation of ships, I have a problem with public deck space, and I think Millennium ships are the worst in that the promenade deck doesn't go around the back. The addition of balconies to the stern have taken away navigation from a lower deck to a higher deck. It is now necessary to go inside the ship to get to a lower or higher deck area. Pools never seem big enough. I think ships with quiet aft pools are a good feature for cruisers. I think a variety of intimate and grand spaces fit different tastes. In terms of navigation there's a compromise between good navigation and inviting public areas, and sometimes what's best for the crew. Sometimes one of these has to be compromised.

The product delivery in terms of service, food, entertainment, can make or break a cruise. But there's a difference between judging a ship based on a particular cruise vs. how well it facilitates the style, function, and the variety of passengers one will find on its many cruises it sails month after month, year after year. My comments about ships, esp. Millennium vs. Century ships takes into account how well I think the ships work for a variety of cruisers, how much care I think went into the creativity and design of the class of ships, and how many details were changed or altered with each newer ship of the class. Any particular ship in a fleet is capable of great or poor product delivery depending on variables of their crews and which crew members one encounters and deals with on any given cruise.

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