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Mary Lou June 28th, 2001 08:29 PM

Ever miss the boat....literally?
I've been accused of "missing the boat" a few times in my life, but has anyone out there ever really missed the boat at one of the ports? If so, what did you do? I've heard horror stories of "locals" who will be happy to run you out to the ship for a "price". Then I hear you must climb up the ladder?????????
Please let me hear your stories.
Mary Lou
Thursday Chat Host

Cher June 28th, 2001 08:46 PM

Re: Ever miss the boat....literally?
I too have been accused of missing the boat, but I hope "when my ship comes in", I'll be there to catch it.
Good thread, let's hear some good ones.

Reefshark June 28th, 2001 08:56 PM

Re: Ever miss the boat....literally?
I doubt that anyone would admit to it. :o)

Paul Motter June 28th, 2001 09:06 PM

So close to missing the boat
I haven't ever missed the boat, though I know people who have (that's another story).

When I was working on the Norway in 93 I was standing on the pier talking to my girlfriend on the payphone. Suddenly I realized I hadn't checked the time so I looked at my watch and I saw I was 10 minutes past the cut-off time (1/2 hour before sailtime).

Well, they are sticklers for the crew, so I ran to the crea gangway - and it was up! The staff officer was on the ship looking out at me, there was a 6-foot gap of water between us. I said "What should I do, jump it?" and he said "no, you're too late." I said "What? I have to sail, I work here, they need me." He said "what do you do?"

"stage manager in the Cabaret lounge" (I think we thought I might be a waiter, I look sort of eastern European).

"well, you're too late and you can't jump"
"this is really bad, no one can replace me, only I know the system."

"well, go to the passenger gangway and give the security officer your crew card"

and with that he radioed the passenger gangway, which I hadn't even noticed was still out. I ran through the terminal, up 3 decks and crossed over to the ship. The security officer stopped me and comfiscated my crew card, he said "you can pick this up in the staff captain's office tomorrow"

When I went to the staff captain's office I got more than a lecture -- I WAS GROUNDED! They would not let me off the ship for the next week's cruise! It was so funny I felt like I was 12 years old again.

Hugh June 28th, 2001 09:19 PM

Re: So close to missing the boat
Yes, folks they do hold the boat.

I had a cruise on the Fantasy with some friends. I had to pick up their twins in Jacksonville at UNF, and drive to Canaveral. I had two and a half hours, which should have been plenty of time. WRONG! Boys were late, traffic bad, and everything you can think of didn't work.

I called the twins parents on their cell phone, and they said they would talk to someone on the ship. They also said to have fun with the boys, 'cause they weren't getting back off if I missed the ship :)

I arrived 15 minutes late. There was a supervisor at the curb saying into her radio "the Tahoe is here, the Tahoe has arrived" (that is what I drive). She yelled at me to park the car, and she would check everyone in....and boy did she!

We boarded the ship off the pier as they had already pulled the gangway back, told us that we had missed the famous drill, and closed the "hatch" behind us as we walked on. I noticed all the lines were already pulled in.

Now you know why I love Carnival.....I just regret I didn't get that supervisor's name who helped us so so so much.

Reefshark June 28th, 2001 09:26 PM

Re: So close to missing the boat
Paul, were you still on the Norway in Oct 94?

Paul Motter June 28th, 2001 09:32 PM

Re: So close to missing the boat
No, I wasn't. I worked there only from Feb to May in 93.

DisneyBlonde June 28th, 2001 09:58 PM

Re: So close to missing the boat
I *almost* missed the boat. As I mentioned in my thread below, on my '98 Grand cruise our flight was delayed and we arrived in Florida 3 hours late!! There were 20 of us, and we felt, for SURE, they would wait for us...right? At the airport the Princess Rep who met us said, "We'll TRY to get you there before the ship leaves." (Huh?)

Fortunately for us, there was a medical emergency and the ship's departure was delayed until almost 9 pm (not too fortunate for the poor gentleman who had a heart attack). But we missed dinner, and you may as well say we missed that whole first day, given that, theoretically, we could have been on the ship from late morning.

I doubt I'd do cruise line air again.

Lady Jag June 28th, 2001 10:54 PM

Re: So close to missing the boat
So you all are the ones that hold the ships up? LOL
What exciting stories, thanks for posting them!

pamda June 28th, 2001 11:48 PM

Re: So close to missing the boat
I've only seen people miss the boat in Bermuda. There are some guys with fast bosts (I don't know if they take MasterCard) that will run the late-comers out to the ship.

THEN they have to climb what's called the "Jacob's Ladder" which is what the pilots use to get on board.

Fun to watch, probably NOT fun to be the late-comers.


Paul Motter June 29th, 2001 12:23 AM

Re: So close to missing the boat
When I worked for Royal Viking there was a magician working the ship who missed the boat in Los Angeles. The next stop was Ensenada, only about 160 miles away, but in Mexico... He didn't want anyone to know he had missed the boat because it looks kind of bad (he was working for the line), but he didn't have to perform until the night of the stop in Ensenada.

He told us he got on the Amtrack from Los Angeles (the taxi from San Pedro to downtown LA cost him about $75 dollars) where he railed down to San Diego. From there he caught a shuttle that took him to San Ysidro (US side of border), then he got a taxi to Tijuana and there caught another train to go the last 50 miles to Ensenada. It took him all night and day but he managed to sneak on board and the management was not the wiser.

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