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Paul Motter June 28th, 2001 09:14 PM

Cruise Gripes?

We have a whole section devoted to cruise gripes, but let me ask you here...

What gets your goat enough to wanna kill?

Tipping the Maitre D' you didn't see for the entire cruise?

Waiters who stand around the buffet area flirting with girls while you stand on your chair waving your empty coffee cup over your head?

The inimitable chaise hogs who reserve chairs with a paperback and a towel while they nap in their cabins.

Bingo announcements coming in your cabin just when you've dozed off.

You tell us... what gets steam coming out of your ears?

Reefshark June 28th, 2001 09:21 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
The bruised ribs I got by exercising bad judgement: I got between an old woman and the buffet line. Literally, I (and another guy) got bruised ribs from her elbows.

The young parents who insist upon taking toddlers to a 2-hour dinner in the dining room, and then won't take them out when they throw those ear-piercing, head-splitting shrieks.

The people who so inconsiderately insist upon smoking in non-smoking areas.

Having to stand in line the last morning of every NCL cruise to contest charges for in-room water we never drank (wonder how much $$$ they make from people who don't contest the charges)

Paul Motter June 28th, 2001 09:28 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
Those are all hilarious, and I say "hear hear!" especiaally the baby in the showroom or dining room.

Here's my gripe... the comedian in the lounge who singles me out for embarassment from the stage:

sailinglisa June 28th, 2001 09:54 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
The chaise loungers hogs - I think they should be thrown overboard and used as shark bait!!!!

The outrageous rates some lines charge to use their cyber cafes!!!!!!!

Pressure to buy, buy, buy the cruise lines items (photos, etc.)

DisneyBlonde June 28th, 2001 10:10 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
Oooo, Lisa that's a good one. Had an interface once that almost came to blows over saving lounge chairs.

Let me ask, do you have to tip the Maitre d' if you hadn't seen him all week? I mean, if I felt he was busy making everyone's dining experience special, then he earned it, even if he didn't stop by my table. But if I got the impression he was playing footsy with the barmaid in the freezer all week, would I be justified in stiffing him?

Lady Jag June 28th, 2001 10:50 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
My only gripe - they make you get off the ship at the end of the cruise!!!!!!

pamda June 28th, 2001 11:43 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
This one is a serious gripe. But I have to agree with Bobbie on hers.

I don't wear good "finger jewelry" on cruises any longer. I wear my husband's dad's wedding ring on one finger and my grandmother's wedding ring on the next one. Sometimes, I don't wear any rings at all. (Makes those dance hosts crazy!)

One night, I noticed at dinner that the smaller ring was missing. Easy to explain, it slipped off my finger when I was washing or drying my hair. It wasn't in the head, couldn't have gone down the bathtub drain, it wasn't anywhere. My sister and I crawled the floor of our cabin looking for it.

Then I called housekeeping, I called guest relations, I called everyone. Nothing.

THREE days later Missy (the sister person) was coming in from the balcony after we'd just come back from shore and screeched, "YOUR RING!!!"

It was on the floor next to the desk/dressing table. In clear view.

So ... did our cabin steward NOT vacuum there? Or was there something else going on? And where were our eyes and brains for three days that we didn't see it in such an obvious location?

Who knows?


Paul Motter June 29th, 2001 12:16 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
Personally, I will not tip the Maitre D' unless he does something special for me. The same goes for the head housekeeper. It is simply supplementing the cruise line's salaries, not for personal service, and I say that is counter to the whole idea of what a tip is in the first place.

tannise June 29th, 2001 02:14 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
Lounge chair savers!! My last cruise was 15 days, I got a chair on the pool deck once. Did I miss the line to get assigned my deck chair, was there something in the brochure I didn't read, why is that towel hogging my little ray of sunshine? What's with all those people snoring in those chairs? Don't they have cabins to nap in? Maybe because of the longer cruise there was an older demographic, but boy those old folks can sit!! I showed them - went to my balcony (my very first balcony, but surely not the last). A previous poster was correct - don't get between a little old lady and a buffet line - especially the desserts! I even had one LOL (little old lady, not laugh out loud) tell me to get out of a full elevator so she could get on! It was an experience, cruising with the 75+ crowd. But still a great cruise......guess the only bad cruise is no cruise.

sail7seas June 29th, 2001 02:24 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
I think my gripe is the constant complaining of some people on a cruise. Thankfully, it's usually only a few but they sure can be vocal.

We've all heard it....a cruise that is the closest thing to perfect that any reasonable person could expect but there's some idiot who only had a choice of 19 cereals at breakfast and all we hear is that they ran out of his favorite. I always get annoyed with the type of person who cannot or will not see the 99 things that are wonderful and going great on any given ship, but will only focus on the one tiny thing that wasn't quite up to their expectation....and they sure want everyone to hear about it!

ALAN June 29th, 2001 04:05 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
The Antisocial Personality
The anti social personality has the following attributes:
He or she speaks only in very broad generalities.
Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.
“Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.
It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.
The antisocial personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news.
Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along.
Such people make trouble for others.
The antisocial personality habitually selects the wrong target.
The antisocial personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group.
Helping others is an activity which drives the antisocial personality nearly berserk. Activities, however which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.
The Basic Reason
The basic reason the antisocial personality behaves as he or she does lies in a hidden terror of others.
To such a person every other being is an enemy, an enemy to be covertly or overtly destroyed.
The fixation is that survival itself depends on “keeping others down” or “keeping people ignorant.”

ChrisC June 29th, 2001 07:41 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
I'm with Lady Jag and Pamda, they make you get off, imagine the nerve.

Mermaid June 29th, 2001 09:13 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
The people you run into sometimes that have their nose so high in the air you have to climb an extension ladder just to look them in the eye. "Oh, I would NEVAAR cruise on Carnivaal! Why, those people...I know you would never..." Oops, wrong! Of course that is not just on cruises.

And of course the lido deck chair savers. I have learned though, just to "help" them abide by the rules.

Gosh, I don't mean to sound so negative...I guess I just need a CRUISE!

PEB June 29th, 2001 11:16 AM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
People who hold up a tour you may be on.

Dan40 June 29th, 2001 02:10 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
Read everybody gripes--KNOW WHAT-- there sure aren't many of them! The lounge savers seem to be the worst. Just move their towels, course I'm huge so that helps.
This is not the proper venue for cruise gripes, we all enjoy them too much.
I agree having to get off the ship so someone else can get on is a real drag.

bostongal June 29th, 2001 06:51 PM

Re: Cruise Gripes?
The people who can't be bothered to get to know you at the dinner table so that conversation is one horrible uncomfortable experience!

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