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Cherokea June 14th, 2009 03:48 AM

Carnival Cruises Staff pre-employment Medical Examination?
Hello all... Desperately seeking honest advice!

Can someone please either send me to e-mail or direct me to the correct legitimate information as to pre-employment medical examination requirements, in "black and white" documentation that I may avoid being scammed in my preperation for my CCL employment application?

No truthful information has been made available to me, that I may simply know exactly which tests really need to be done. I have been asked loads of cash for the information and I fear that once again I will be at the short end of the pocket. Thanks....

sz June 16th, 2009 08:03 AM

You shouldn't need to get a exam done UNTIL you've actually been accepted to work with the company, pending the outcome of the exam. CCL (or the hiring partner) should send you the correct form to take to your doctor to be completed. I've worked for NCL and RCI - they had similar type forms . . . a medical history, basic exam for heart/lungs/vision/hearing/etc - plus bloodwork and urinalysis. Again- the should be a specific form for Carnival. If you're having to pay cash to get this info, you're talking or working with the wrong people!

Paul Motter June 24th, 2009 10:24 PM

Yes - be careful. Every cruise line I have ever worked for gave me the examination after I arrived. However, I admit that was a long time ago.

It sounds like you are going through employment agencies who may be asking your for money to help.

You may be getting scammed. Please ask for the credentials of anyone who says they can get you a job - and double check everyone you meet with a google search.

We have seen people getting scammed - and we try to document it whenever we can.

By the way, people, you can go to a good doctor who can give you a complete physical. If you are indeed healthy and disease free you can just make that report a part of your resume. It won't hurt your chances.

Phil&Liz June 26th, 2009 07:01 PM

You could try writing a request to John Heald at his blog about a good contact person. Actually, put your reply address in the message and he will forward it to the right folks.

Just go to the blog and be sure to put "John Please Reply" in your message.

He has suggested folks go to the website

where in the download link there are forms like Medical, employment, W4 etc.

Phil & Liz

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