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Stevieb December 30th, 2012 02:49 PM

First assignment
Hi, I have my first assignment sailing from miami on the 10th feb. WHAT ON EARTH do I pack for 6months!!!!!!!!!!

Donna December 30th, 2012 07:49 PM

Congrats....What ship will you be working on??

sz December 31st, 2012 06:16 PM

I see from your previous post, a dealer on the Glory? Did your hiring partner/specialist give you any info on that?

Looked at your run and see you have a lot of ports where you'll be able to buy pretty much anything you need . . .

But for the first few weeks, and until you get your first pay . . .

Find out what you need for your uniform - color of socks/shoes and anything else you can't get onboard/company doesn't supply. You might need formal wear, but you'll need to find out from Carnival specifically what.

Socks/underwear/cosmetics & toiletries for at LEAST two weeks. If you take any medications - at least a couple months and your script for more. If you're attached to specific shampoos/soaps/vitamins etc that may not be available in the States or Caribbean, you might want to bring - or have someone send them to you later.

For regular clothes - don't go too crazy bringing a lot of these. Jeans/long pants/shorts/a few shirts/swimsuit if you already have them. Fully shoes (sneakers/trainers) for off time on the ship as most companies will allow the crew to be wearing sandals or flip flops onboard. If you work out - bring those outfits.

Laptop or tablet a MUST. Download a bunch of current TV and Movies and you'll be immediately popular. External hard drive/thumb drives for trading music and video. Earphones!

Any photos or little things to remind you of home.

Ideally, get your luggage down to 1 big suitcase and 1 carry-on. You WILL be picking up a lot of stuff during your contract and will be buying another suitcase and bringing a lot home:D

I can't say enough how many stores there will be on your run that you can pick up pretty much anything else you need.

Check out Facebook for Carnival casino /crew groups.

good luck!

dollylo January 2nd, 2013 02:39 PM

Hey Steve!

Congrats on your first contract! :D I hope everything's gonna be fine! Have fun!

Take care!

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