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Old November 29th, 2006, 12:21 PM
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Default Our Toddler Packing List and Helpful Tips

We just got back from Carnival Glory. I used a packing list someone shared with me and it was way more than I needed, but better too much than too little. Here's what we actually needed for our 22 month old daughter for a 7 day cruise:

1. daily outfits - I took 2 shirts per day as these get messier easier, I averaged the shorts to 1 per day and 3 extras so about 10 pairs for the entire trip and 2 pairs of jeans one for trip down in November and one for trip home. (I didn't do laundry onboard so if you plan to do laundry you may not need as much), about 5 pairs of socks (not needed with sandals)

2. Formal items - I took two dresses for the formal nights, 2 pairs of tights and dressy shoes.

3. Non-formal dining nights - she's an infant so we just let her wear her regular clothes to dine on non-formal nights, others did the same.

4. other clothes -
1 bathing suit
a few swim diapers (only swam a few times)
cover up for suit
2-3 night gowns
light sweater/jacket for walks on top decks at night

5. diapers and wipes- I lined the bottom of my carry on bag with 35 diapers, 5 per day average (we brought about 10 back with us after the cruise), travel size wipes container and refill bag (this was great because I could easily fit the small wipes container in our bag when we went ashore instead of lugging a big one around)

6. other items:
* small box of wet ones (had 20 individually wrapped cloths so we could put a few in diaper bag as needed)
* 5 packs of bibsters, disposable bibs (2 per pack) these were wonderful!
* 1 box of quart sized zippy bags (great for stinky diapers to dispose into trash cans) also good to put dry cereal in from breakfast buffet to take on islands with you as a snack for little one. Also good for hair clips, tan lotions, all kinds of things.
* favorite blankie(s) and sleepy toy (good thing we bought a back up blankie as favorite one got really dirty)
* baby sunblock
* infant insect repellant on certain excursions it's handy (you can by wipes of these that are easy to keep up with)
* zippy bag with band-aids, neosporin, infant tylenol, benadril (helps to relieve anxiety first night or two suggested by pediatrician), prescription ear drops (if you have them ear infections are no fun), pink eye drops bought at grocery store all natural not prescription, very good if kids will be in camp carnival or baby sitting on cruise. (we also packed an adult medicine bag which came in handy)
* big coloring book and crayons in a zippy bag.
* small diaper bag (we took our bag to breakfast, lunch and dinner and excursions, we used a small bag and each trip out we carried three diapers, small wipes container, 3 zippy bags for messy diapers, 2 wet ones wipes for hands and face, 2 bibsters, sippy cup always, utensils for meals) we took medicine in zippy, sunblock and insect replleant only when called for (so rarely)
* infants on spoon and/or fork and cup
* umbrella stroller (rarely used as she wanted to walk and explore)
* infant toothbrush and safe to swallow toothpaste
* infant shampoo and body wash (travel size or travel size refillable bottles were perfect)
* infant nail clippers (yes we used these several times actually)

Wish we had brought:
* a backpack carrier for baby as she only wanted to walk or be carried, hard on our hips.

1. We were told no infants in the pool unless potty trained. On Carnival Glory there is a small wading pool at the front of the ship near camp carnival just for infants. Our daughter wore her suit with swim diaper and she was allowed to play in it. Also on the beach. Swim diapers DO NOT LEAK and therefore are DHEC approved so most places allow these, but not diapers.

2. If you take a stroller you must push it through the detection devices boarding the ship. We also were allowed to go through ahead of everyone else leaving the ship just behind those in wheelchairs because we had the stroller, so that's a good reason to carry one ;-)
Keep in mind cabins are small so don't take a big bulky stroller, umbrellas are easier to store and easier to carry with you and move around and fit into elevators.

3. Highchairs can be found in the formal dining rooms and at the buffet areas, limited in buffet area. Once you get a high chair at your table for formal dining room it stays there the entire cruise, you can also request a booster seat. Kids have a special menu in dining room or they can eat off the adult menu. Having their cup and utensils makes it easier and more normal for them.

4. Shows. We found it helpful to attend the late show at 10:30. We sat in the back of the room the first night to see how she would do. She fell asleep. So after this we started sitting closer to front. We brought her to show ready for bed and with her blankie and she fell asleep in our arms. Everyone is different so you'll have to experiment.

5. Balconies. I will only do this option from here on out. The door is VERY heavy and with wind no fear of child opening it, it also has a sliding lock. The rail outside is high and had plexi glass. My daughter fell asleep many nights on our lap sitting on the balcony. It was also good for naps as we could lay her down, step on the balcony with the door propped open so we could hear her and curtain mostly drawn so it would be dark in the room. Once asleep we'd often go in and nap too until she woke up.

6. Camp Carnival for under 2 year olds. Carnival has days for under 2, from 12-2 each day you can come in and play with your child. From 10 pm-3 am they do babysitting in the camp carnival area for a small hourly fee and you can pick up anytime in between. They give you a beeper in case you need to pick the child up and they ask you to call after 10 minutes. We tried this option but our daughter wouldn't stop crying. They don't let you bring child in and get them adjusted, you can only go to the counter then they take the child from your arms. We stood in the hall until she quit crying and went down for the show, my husband called 10 minutes later and then went and picked her up. We didn't use them again. Also days in port you can leave the child for up to 4 hours depends on times you are in port. Most people, us included wanted our child with us in port and what if you miss the ship and child is onboard? Canival needs to work on arrangements for under 2, but we've used in the past for our other kids and they liked it.

7. Photos with an infant. For formal nights if you have early dining at 6:15 pm you can start taking pics as early as 4:30 pm. We found going down about 5:15-5:30 gave us time to get our pics while baby was clean, avoid long lines and make it to the dining room.

8. Dining - early seating at 6:15 worked for us we tried to stay on her normal schedule when possible

9. Getting them to sleep - we found the in cabin tv's worked great. We put our daughter in the crib or on bed with us with her blankie. We'd turn off all the lights then turn tv on to cartoons or a kids show and she'd fall asleep fast. Sitting on balcony also helped we'd hold her and rocking of the ship with the breeze would get her every time.

10. Bathing - there are no tubs. We found it worked best to take her in shower with me, the shower could be detached for handholding and I just soaped her up, washed hair then called my husband to come wrap her in towel while I finished my shower. Showers are very hot, so turn on and test temp before getting in.

11. Tips on snacking -
* you can put fruit loops from breakfast buffet in zippy bag for little one to snack on throughout the day
* yogurt containers at breakfast can be kept cool in cabin by putting in ice bucket (came in handy late at night a few times)
* room service is free (just pay tip) and offers sandwiches and chips
* bottled water in room is 3.00 but it's a huge bottle, ice from ice bucket put in sippy cup with a bit of the water was very satisfying to our daughter when she got thirsty at night.

12. Packing - I took two suit cases for me and my daughter, I put 1/2 of my things and 1/2 of hers in one and then the other 1/2 of each in the other (this way if one got lost we'd both still have clothes). this also worked well because we put our clothes on shelves in our cabin then as we dirtied things we used one suitcase to put the dirty clothes in and used the other coming home for the clean items.

Anyway, that's about all I can think of for now. I hope this is of help to others.

Carnival "Glory" November 2006
Carnival "Fantasy" July 2003
Royal Caribbean "Monarch" June 2002
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Old December 14th, 2006, 11:54 AM
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Thanks for all the time you put into this post -- I'm sure plenty of readers are finding it helpful.

Smooth sailing,
Luisa Frey Gaynor
Family Cruise Editor
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Old December 14th, 2006, 02:58 PM
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Wow - you pakced a LOT of clothes! We don't do laundry on-board, either. Here's what we pack for our kids (ages 4, 4, 6, 10 this time but 3, 3, and 5 last time):

DAILY CLOTHES: We pack one shirt per day, with two extras (9 total), and then half as many shorts as there are days on the cruise (5). One pair of jeans. One pair of jammies (not sure why more would be needed). One sweatshirt. One swimsuit. Sandals, so no socks. 7 pair of underwear. We were told NO UN-POTTY-TRAINED kids in the pool so we did not pack swim diapers last year (late bloomers!). Each family member has their own suitcase and packs their own suitcase.

FORMAL CLOTHES: Well, our daughter (the middle one... 6 years old this year, 5 last)) LOVES to dress up so she gets to choose. She plans to pack at least 7 formal dresses if they will fit into the suitcase! We pack ALL DINNER clothes for entire family in one suitcase. The boys will all pack a suit plus 2 pair of Docker-type pants and 2 long-sleeved button down shirts and 2 golf shirts (the dining room is chilly). Dress shoes. Dress socks (or, in case of daughter, tights). We all dress for dinner. Non-formal nights will have the boys in Dockers and long-sleeved polo or button downs.

*anti-bacterial gel (not b/c I think it actually works, but b/c it puts my mind at ease! )
* when we had diaper'd kids, we would carry on the regular size box of wipes but then use baggies or Rubbermaid containers to carry a small amount on excursions in "diaper bag" (in quotes b/c we never really used a "diaper" bag but just large beach or canvas bags)
* about 10 plastic grocery bags from Wal-Mart or Kroger to carry wet things or dirty diapers in
* favorite blanket - we have one designated for "travel" only
* sunscreen for everyone
* one of those plastic make-up bags with neosporin, benadryl, children's Claritin, eye drops, children's and adult ibuprofen, Tums, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant
* workbooks and puzzle books with crayons, markers, colored pencils

We did not bring any sort of stroller as we encouarge our kids to walk and explore with us. Plus, they are so big and bulky (no matter how "small" they are) and are hard to maneuver in the halls around people, etc.
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Old April 6th, 2009, 04:25 AM
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Hello friend.It is really a very nice source of information of toddler packing list.I am planning for trip by cruise I will pack all the things hich you mentioned and also my new Mickey Sun Shop 'n Drive travel system.To carry my baby while walking.
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Old April 6th, 2009, 10:36 AM
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Your post is very helpful. Thank you for sharing your list. We will be traveling with a 5 yr old in May. I don't know if I have the courage to bring her into the main dining room even though she is well behaved. I just wonder if she can be patient enough.
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Old May 23rd, 2009, 10:10 PM
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Default Thanks!

I have a 10 month old that will be around 14 months if we go on a cruise and this posting is great! I really want to thank you for the tips at the bottom. Having a boy will mean different things and having one a year younger will also mean somethings will be different but the tips are great.

I was really thinking that we couldn't go with a balcony but now I see the benefits. Also the show points are great... I just figured there would be nights that my hubby and I couldn't go together but this makes great sense.
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Old May 24th, 2009, 06:09 PM
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We searched Craigs list to find Combi compact strollers to go with instead of umbrella strollers. They worked really great and we got them pretty cheap 2nd hand off CL.

Highly recommended.

For our soon to be three year old boy we packed a couple match box cars and a couple pop up adventure sets.

They fold up the size of a book and are really cool. Made for hours of entertainment.


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Old May 26th, 2009, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by icoobaby2
Hello friend.It is really a very nice source of information of toddler packing list.I am planning for trip by cruise I will pack all the things hich you mentioned and also my new Mickey Sun Shop 'n Drive travel system.To carry my baby while walking.
My 7 year old made it!! He's not the most patient of people, but the staff kept him engaged. Give your 5 year old a chance..she may just surprise you! My 6 month old only had 1 night that made us wish we didn't use the dining room, but only until we gave him some juice of his own.
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