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Dreamsiclefox February 8th, 2006 12:52 AM

NCL Dawn, leaving from NYC Questions.
Hello. My boyfriend and I are planning on cruising on the Norwigean Dawn on May 27th, and we were wondering about some things, including expenses. We were wondering how much extra we should save up to bring with us, for things like gifts and such, shore excursions, drinks, those kind of things. We were also wondering what the night life is like on board, from a gay perspective. Not trying to be sterotypical, but just wanted to know kind of what to expect. I wouldnt mind talking about it over an instant messenger, my Screen names are in my profile I think.

Thanks in advance
Dreamsicle Fox

Harry Martin February 12th, 2006 01:11 PM

Most of what you mentioned will just be added onto your ship account and charged. So you just need spending money for in port. Many people say anticipate $100 a day. For us, on the budget plan, it's more like about $25-$30 a day.


waterskier1 February 13th, 2006 03:17 PM

I think Harry's post might be somewhat misleading. Whether you pay cash or the expenses are posted directly to your ship board account, you still will need to pay the bill. So, for saving purposes, you should recognize that there will probably be a $10/day per person "tip" automatically added to your account. Drinks range from $4.95 + 15% gratutity on up. So, figure how much you plan on drinking. Soft drinks cost also (I either brought my own, or bought the soda card, about $32 for 7 days when I got mine). There are gifts/souviners, which may be purchased onboard and charged directly to you account, or purchased in port. I'd take cash for those, to avoid the unknown exchange costs of credit cards. Also, you should figure in any gambling expenses, in addition to shore excursions, whether paid for in cash (if you arrange you own) or billed to your account (if purchased through the ship - which I've never done). You onboard account must be closed out either by charging to a credit card, or by paying cash, the last day of your cruise, before you will be allowed to disembark. Haven't tried it, but don't think you can get another free cruise by not paying :)

My shipboard charges rarely exceed $50 + the "tip", but then I pay for all my excursions separately. I also don't drink or gamble when onboard. I do take lots of singles for tips and trinkets and cash or prepay for my excursions. I hope this helps some. If you have more specific questions, please post - I'm sure someone will be happy to help.

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