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I wondered if anyone new how the tipping worked on the Caribbean Princess. I understand they charge you $10 per person per day. Any past cruisers know how much you ended up spending on your card by the end of the week with tips. My husband and me are on budget and was not sure if we could tip as we go. I know this may sound cheap but it helps us control our spending. Any suggestions??
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Default Re: TIPPING

The tip for Princess on all Princess ships is $10.00 per day per person added to your sign and sail card. If you do not want the tip done this way just go to the pursers desk and tell them to remove the automatic tip than you can get envelopes and tip the way you wish to who you wish. Keep in mind if you remove the tip from the sail and sign card any tip you give in person will be put in a pool and given out as if it were in the auto tipping.

There will also be a 15% tip added to every drink you purchase.
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Default Re: TIPPING

It's easier for budgeting to leave the auto tip on as you will know that it is 140 dollars on your account . We too were on a budget and found it much easier, the problem most people run into when they are trying to budget is NOT TIPS, it's the charges they run up with bar drinks, spa, , casino, and photos. Don't go nuts with the photos, they are exspensive and when you get home you will show them to a few people then shove them away somewhere never to be out agian, meanwhile you blew 100 or more dollars on them. Take lots of your OWN phots and just buy one or two formal shots. Don't go in the casino, you will most likely lose tons there, plus the spa is EXSPENSIVE!
Also ships shore excursions are more than doing stuff on your own, consider doing some research and taking a taxi around , you will save lots!
Tipping as you go may add up to alot more than 140 dollars, think albout it , if you tip at dinner each night you will leave 5 to 10 dollars for dinner alone, then what about lunch ( say 5 bucks each time)and breadfast( say 5 bucks again) and your cabin steward( another 5 bucks)!?Thats about 25 to 30 dollars a day, instead of twenty!
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Default Re: TIPPING

Thanks so much for all your advice!!
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Default Re: TIPPING

Just figure the $10 per day per person. We tipped our cabin steward extra but otherwise no one else. Extra tipping is up to you.
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Default Re: TIPPING

Since my husband has never been a big tipper, he is happy for the automatic tipping program.This way he doesn't have to worry about the extra hassle,and "fair" giving practice.He gives an extra amount to our steward on the last day if he feels he deserves it,which is usually an impulsive gesture of good will just before we're ready to vacate the cabin. Also, on photos-I agree with pg. I went nuts on my first cruise.My photo developing bill+"photo staff taken shots" amounted to $177. Since then,we take our digital camera and take our own pictures and have someone take a picture of us from time to time.I only buy photos that are good-not all of them as remembrances.Up to now, we've not had professional formal pictures taken.

As for private tours.Hubby has been thinking of renting a car in St. Maarten. I'm kind of leery of us going out on our own. I think there's safety in numbers-but also have to agree that the drivers take you to the tourist spots and you don't discover the quaint little places on your own. But, that's what worries me-being on my own, in a strange place, in a strange car,and not knowing the roads,etc. Am I being too careful? Lynne

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Default Re: TIPPING

I've noticed something different about tipping. On Princess, they suggest $10/day/person which includes children. On Celebrity, they suggested $10.50/day/adult and half that amount for children under 12.

I guess it can be said that children can make as much of a mess as adults in the state room and they probably take as much effort to serve in the dining room but I did note this difference between cruise lines.
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Default Re: TIPPING

Any one know about paying cash for your ship act and having to pay the $70 per person upfront?... we were told if you plan on paying cash you must deposit this upfront? we do not want to have to do this..... we plan on tiping however, we wish to do this at our discretion... any info would help....

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