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mrdanne June 8th, 2011 08:37 AM

Freedom of the Seas, Excursions
Hello there!

Me and my wife are going on our honeymoon on the 24 of July with Freedom of the Seas.

We are now starting to plan what to do on the different places that we go to. On the RCCL sites there are so many different excursions that we are not sure what to do. We would love to hear your recommendations :)

We have planned this:

Here we will go on the wave jet tour and then also try the famous zip-line.

Here we dont know what to do since we cant find alot of good info about Falmouth. Is here anything special to do at port or do you recommend any excursion? We really want to see som of the genuine jamaica :)

Grand Cayman:
Here we are thinking about walking around in the city and then head to Thousend Miles Beach and relax.

Here we are thinking about to just walk around in the city and then head to a beach and relax.

What do you guys think of this plan? Are we missing any nice excursions that you can recommend?

We would really love to see a little bit of every place we go to and dont just want to be on a beach all day.

We are thankful for all help we can get.

Best regards.

/Daniel and Tess

Donna June 8th, 2011 08:53 AM

Those do sound like good excursions, keep in mind when going to 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman, you'll need a short cab ride there. The driver will know where to take you and can most likely pick you up at a certain time. Another thought, how about snorkeling with the Sting Rays there, it is something not to be missed if you haven't already done that, usually the highlight of the Wester Caribbean cruise?

mrdanne June 8th, 2011 09:44 AM

Hi Donna!

Thanks for you answer and thanks for the information! :)

We will diffently check out the Stingray Snorkel and see what that is :)

Do you have any more information to give us? Any other good excursion that you can recommend?

Are we missing some special in Cozumel if we just walk around in the city and then head to the beach?

Is there something special to do in Fallmouth or is a long excursion the only right thing to do if you want to see a little bit of Jamaica? :)

We are happy for all information we can get :)

Donna June 8th, 2011 11:55 AM

In Cozumel, you may want to get a cab over to Chanakaab Park, huge beach and good snorkeling, places to eat and walk around. It is not that far from the pier, but not walkable...Depending where you dock in Cozumel, you may be right in town or farther away. There are plenty of cabs that go back and forth along the main street and Chanakaab is also off the same road, just the other direction.

In Jamaica you can always walk up Dunns River falls, not sure how far away your port is from there.

You can get some good ideas by going through the list of excursions that the cruiselines offer and see what interests you and go from there, some you can do on your own.

Doug S June 8th, 2011 08:05 PM

Falmouth is pretty much in the middle of the island, and most of the established Jamaica shore excursions are on either end of the place, with a 30 minute taxi/shuttle ride required. Falmouth itself is pretty much an old historic city, with lots of poverty, and a nice new docking area (far from finished when I was there). I was on the first docking there, and it was quite an event. Bet its gotten pretty routine now. If you have time, do the little $10 historic tram tour of the city. Make you appreciate your lot in life.

I took the family to the Dunn River Falls excursion on a previous cruise, and we did enjoy that. Last trip we shuttled to a private beach in Montego bay and just lounged on the sand for a few hours.

I hope more local excursions get established, and some cruise ship money finds its way into the local Falmouth economy to add local amenities. I will be going back with the whole crew between Christmas/New Years this year, so I will await your take on how the place might have changed....

Final note... stay with a group. Not always the safest of places. Had to run some local 'entrepeneurs' away from my teenage boys a time or 2, even at the tourist frequented places.

mrdanne June 9th, 2011 02:32 PM

Thank you for the information!

We have now browsed RCCL excursion page and find out what we shall book.

I have some questions about what time on Labadee.

We want to book this two:
1. Wave Jet Tour
2. Dragons Breath Flight Line

We would like to do these two excursion directly on the morning when we arrive at Labadee. We arive at dock 08.00 AM, is it to early to book the 08.00 AM tour? Where will we the find the instructor?

If we take the 08.00 AM wave jet tour (last 1 hour). When is it safe to book the Zip-line to not miss the time? Is it a long walk from the dock or how is it? Do you have to book the zip-line onliine or can you wait till you get there?

We want to do these two excurson directly on the morning so we can relax some hours on the beach also :)

Last question is about Fallmouth. We have almost decided to go for the "Grand Jamaica & Dunns River Falls, FY38". Has anyone tried this? What do you guys think, it seemes to be a great excursion :)

Once again we are very thankful for all information we can get :)

Donna June 9th, 2011 03:27 PM

Hi Mr,
When you go to book the excursions, they will list the times that are still available. The waverunner excursion is a blast, you'll love it. Those are directly when you get on the beach off to the right. I have no idea where the zip line is. Just allow some time in between to get to the next one....You most likely book a time slot, see what times are still available and go from there.

Doug S June 9th, 2011 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by mrdanne (Post 1375358)
Last question is about Fallmouth. We have almost decided to go for the "Grand Jamaica & Dunns River Falls, FY38". Has anyone tried this? What do you guys think, it seemes to be a great excursion :)

Our tablemates (a 30ish couple) did that one on our cruise this fall and really enjoyed it. We did Dunns River by itself several years back, but have no personal experience with the bundled tour. My boys and I enjoyed hiking up the falls, but the wife chickened out and opted to stay on the boardwalk. Don't let that scare you. Its really not that physically challenging, and there was at least one or two good photo ops.

SunEBeach July 27th, 2011 06:41 PM

A friend of mine just got back from Jamaica and warned me about the Chukka zip line excurtion she took, [booked independantly not with cruise ship] she said they hiked more than zip lined...but said others rode a truck or something up to the zip lines? She said not to miss Dunn River falls, especially if it's your first trip to Jamaica, like ours will be. I hadn't planned on doing DRF, but instead was going with RCI's zip line and kayak trip? I might have to re-think that early if I book something independantly I'd save a fortune. The DH wants zip lines and Kayaking though...? Anyone know an indep. tour that does both? most I've seen are not put together but are parts of other excursions.

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