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Nanci June 27th, 2005 08:05 PM

Re: single females over 50
HI Marylou: I am a single female, over 50, who loves cruising !! I have been on over 30 cruises with many more to follow!!! I live in South FL which is a major advantage to cruising. I love companionship but prefer a solo cabin. How old are you and where are you from?

rocketcitylady June 28th, 2005 08:21 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi, Marylou and Nanci
I am a single straight female, age 56. I am retired (US civil service) and live in North Alabama. I also love to cruise and enjoy having my own cabin. It would be great to meet other straight female travelers.
I have cruised (solo) over a dozen times since 1999. I have sailed on Celebrity's Summit and Infinity, RCCL's Jewell OS (May 05 transatlantic), and HAL's Westerdam - the rest were cruises on various Carnival ships. As of now, my favorites are RCCL and Celebrity. I did not care for HAL. Got tired of Carnival.
Now that I am retired, I plan to try some of the other cruise lines, depending on rates and itineraries. I plan to do at least three cruises per year. I like to cruise from October to February.


Cruisebug June 29th, 2005 07:58 AM

Re: single females over 50
Am also over 50 single straight female and always looking for another cruise. It would be great to find a congenial and fun group to just pal around with. Would really like to find others looking for the same. I've cruised alone as well as on the single share programs and always had great roommates.

Am considering booking a singles cruise just to have a group to feel connected with. It seems that all my friends are either married, still working, or don't have the money to spend on a cruise.

I also like to cruise from Oct to Feb in order to avoid the hurricane season. Dec has always been my favorite time when it's cold at home and so beautiful and warm in the Caribbean.

LoLo June 29th, 2005 05:45 PM

Re: single females over 50

I'm also over 50 recently window, loved cruising, haven't went on any recently, looking for a singles cruise. Would like to meet up with other straight. I am trying to talk my girlfriend to go with me on a cruise because I didn't want to go by myself. I didn't know so many people out there cruised alone. Until I found this web site.


Nanci June 30th, 2005 08:21 PM

Re: Re: single females over 50
HI MARYLOU, CAROLYN, CRUISEBUG & LOLO : It is sooo nice hearing from all of you and knowing that we have a common bond --- cruising solo !! As I previously mentioned I have been on over 30 cruises --- Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, Celebrity, Crystal. Crystal is my absolute favorite (6 star), but for the price Celebrity is a very close second (5 star). I live in the Fort Lauderdale area, only 20 min. from Port Everglades and 60 min. from Port of Miami. Even though I am not a TA, I have many contacts. Hopefully we can arrange a cruise together! Feel free to contact me directly at

rocketcitylady July 1st, 2005 07:41 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hello ladies,
Sounds like there may be a few of us who might like try meeting up on a cruise. Possibly we can correspond via e-mail to set something up. I usually take a cruise the last week of October for my birthday (Oct 30) and Halloween. This year I decided to try something different and cruise during the week of Thanksgiving. I recently booked Celebrity's Century for a 9-night cruise (western caribbean) departing Ft. Lauderdale on Nov 17th.
I'm also considering an Alaskan cruise around mid-August. Until recently, I was not really interested in Alaska, but I keep hearing how great it is. Have not made up my mind yet. I've seen some pretty good last minute (week before sailing) rates.


Nanci July 1st, 2005 09:47 PM

Re: Re: single females over 50
Hi Carolyn: Welcome to our newly formed over 50 singles cruise group !! It definitely seems like we have a possible group cruise in our future !! I have been on the Century about 4 times, most recently being two months ago (celebrating my birthday). If you have not been on the Century before you are in for a treat ! Even though it is an older ship she is beautiful and service and food definitely first class. I would definitely like to sail on the Century again -- however would go prior to Thanksgiving week.

marvholly July 2nd, 2005 12:51 PM

Re: single females over 50
Very interested. With moving my dad 6/3, grandchild due 7/29 and youngest DD wedding 9/4 I NEED A VACATION!!!

Would need a cabinmate or solo pricing. Would prefer 11/15-just before $$$ go up for x-mas/new year or Jan. Since I have to fly anyhow FL or New Orleans are my preferred embarcation ports.

Chazz July 2nd, 2005 03:43 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi Pat,

With all these lovely ladies there should be a few males of similar vintage. OK I'll volunteer if you depart from west coast or Hawaii.

Born2Cruise July 6th, 2005 03:03 PM

Re: single females over 50
Looks like I've found the right group. I'm over 50, travel solo and don't like to share a cabin. I can't wait to see what cruise this group comes up with. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Hawaii/Tahiti or South America (Buenos Aires/Rio de Janero -- hope I spelled those right).

Linda K. July 6th, 2005 07:14 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi all!

Another fellow solo female cruiser here! I'm a retired teacher from NJ, 58, and I've run out of family to travel with. I just booked the Golden Princess for 4/22/06, which will be my very first solo trip; I'd love to have friendly faces to hang around with! Great group-- I'm glad I found it!!


Judy in FL July 7th, 2005 08:17 AM

Re: single females over 50
Hi all !
Count me in the group! ...I'm a young 52, D- 2 yrs, in good health. I live in Orlando, FL and have cruised to most of the Caribbean ports, Alaska (especially the land part up to Fairbanks), and cruises to Spain/ France/Italy and Greece/Turkey. I can see them all again or something different.
I am willing to share with another considerate female to save the 'single tax', but can room alone also. I still work part-time so will need a little advanced notice and Thanksgving, Christmas and January are usually out........ or the heck with work and I'll go anyway!!!!
Is there a master email list so we can stay in touch outside this board??

Let's make some plans!! ...I'm up for Sept (hopefully no hurricanes to Orlando like last year!), Oct and Nov.
Judy :)

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Cindy Chalfant July 7th, 2005 11:42 AM

Re: Re: single females over 50
Hello - will you accept a 47 year-old straight gal who also prefers her own cabin? I'm very interested in hearing more, if so!


Judy in FL July 9th, 2005 07:27 AM

Re: single females over 50
Hi all!
I 'joined' earlier and hoping to cruise in '05, maybe Sept, Oct, Nov (not Thanksgiving). I can still go early '06, but need a exciting get away sooner :). Anyone seen anything interesting?

Post or email Judy

CK July 9th, 2005 12:27 PM

Re: single females over 50
If all you Gals go on a cruise at the same time can the guys go too ? Look how much fun you will have !

rocketcitylady July 11th, 2005 09:41 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hello ladies,
We seem to have a nice group expressing interest. I think there have been a couple of similar topics on this board. I don't know if anything ever came of it. Maybe we could figure how to establish an e-mail list and send out weekly notes. Anyway, I am interested. After hearing so made good reviews about Alaska, I have booked an Alaskan cruise on RCCL's Vision of the Seas, departing 26 Aug 05. I am also booked on Celebrity's Century for 17-26 Nov 05. I will be watching the rates for something in Jan and Feb, and possibly Mar 06. I have not done the Panama Canal. I am also interested in trying some of the longer and more exotic cruises, like South America.

Happy Sailing

LoLo July 13th, 2005 02:04 AM

Re: single females over 50
Hi to Linda K

Tell me more about Golden Prince for 4/22/06. I would be interested in that one
I'm 59 this will be my first single cruise by myself.

It would be nice to know there will be other singles my age aboard. E-mail me at


Judy in FL July 13th, 2005 07:09 AM

Re: single females over 50
Hi all-
I am looking for FEMALE roomie for Princess Sun 11 days for Oct 29, 2005, leaving from Ft Lauderdale. I like the ports but haven't booked yet. Price appears to be approx $1100 for outside cabin.
I am a young looking 52, active, professional, DWF, healthy, outgoing, easy to get along with, friendly, and HETEROSEXUAL. Prefer a similar positive cabinmate to share cabin costs.
I plan to see each port (I've been to them before) via ship's tours, independent tour operators or just wing it. We can go together or separately depending on interests.

................................Email: or post. Thanks!

susancruzs July 14th, 2005 07:34 PM

Re: single females over 50
Wow, what a group! I sail single alot, sometimes with a friend! I went on a CM group cruise in 2002, and ended up cruising in 2003 (twice) with April and Jennifer when their husbands couldn't get away for a cruise!

I'm 58, started cruising in 1982, my 1st cruise and alone, I was quite scared but once I did it, I was fine. In 1984, I met a woman on the Norway transatlantic and we decided to cruise. We did a few but she passed away in 1996 so I started sailing single again, which I really prefer although I can share.

My problem is I've never married, always lived alone, never had to share a room as a child, never had a room mate in my apartments, I like solitude, probably why I backed out of marriage twice!!! :-)

Keep this post going and I'll check back. I'm pretty much into cruising other areas now, caribbean is just sameo sameo to me and too many other places to see. I'm going on the Sea Princess Sept. 3rd (B2B) with Sept. 10th Transatlantic and I am sailing as a single. My first B2B and longer cruise, 21 days, I've sailed for 15 before but not 21!

If you do the Golden enjoy! I did a CM Thanksgiving cruise on the Golden in 2002, too as well as the Hawaii Summit cruise May 2002. I find the group cruises help me with the single pricing because the group prices are lower.


marvholly July 16th, 2005 04:24 PM

Re: single females over 50
Ok. NEEDING a vacation I did it. Booked the NCL Jewel for 11/27 with a friend also femal, over 50 and retired. Have been to 2 of 4 ports but liked enough to see again.

Grandchild was born 7/2. Just the wedding to go then I can concentrate on the cruise.

CherylS July 23rd, 2005 05:38 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi Everyone,

I'm single, 53, and love to cruise. I've cruised solo and with my sister and granddaughter. I've mainly cruised on Princess and HAL. I currently have a cruise booked in November. My travel agent put together a group called "Girls Night Out" for a 6-day Western Caribbean. If anyone would be interested in that one, I think there may be spots but it closes around mid-August.

I'm also thinking about doing something around the first of the year and would like to do another British Isles or Transatlantic. I would love to know that there are others on board with to share dinner and tours with.

If an email list got set up, I would like to be a part of it. My email address is If not and there's still interest in it, I don't mind helping to coordinate that. I also have a great TA if we want to try and put together a group.

Congratulations on your grandchild, Mary Holly.

Denie July 23rd, 2005 10:05 PM

Re: single females over 50
I am looking into taking my first cruise. I am 50 and a widow.

Sharons July 24th, 2005 09:56 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi All.
I was delighted to discover this new thread. I am a "young, active" (I think) 62 year old very recent widow from New Jersey. I am addicted to cruising and am thrilled to find other women who are looking to find friends to travel and socialize with. I have cruised with my husband ( who really didn't love cruising - except for Alaska) and many times with my married daughter. Have done the Carribean quite a few times and would love to try some new trips. I know sharing is a better deal but I think my preference at this time is my own cabin. I'm interested in hearing plans. Just returned from VOS in May and plan to leave on the Star November 27th with my daughter, son-in-law, and his parents.
Looking forward to following this thread. My e-mail address is

delores ramig July 30th, 2005 03:47 PM

Re: single females over 50
I am planning an Alaska cruise late this year or sometime next year.
I have been on 4 cruises (2 on Carnival--big mistake) Hawaii and the rest in the Caribbean. I am widowed, about 15 years and always travel alone. Have to have a cabin alone. . . I am 74 and still working.

Would like to know what is the best time of the year for seeing wildlife (whales, porpoises, etc.) Would also like the combo cruise and overland vacation. Anyone been on this cruise and how would you rate it?

Would also like to know best cruise lines (I know Crystal is best, but so expensive).

Glad to have found this site.

Is there a newsletter and how do I subscribe.


Whiteknight July 30th, 2005 08:52 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi ladies, It sounds like you ladies have the right idea in trying to get together on a cruise. I'm not a lady, but being a guy over 50, I know what it's like to be with a majority of 20 and 30 year olds on a cruise. They're nice enough and pleasing to the eye, but we just don't have a lot in common. I'm going on the Halloween cruise option #1 to the Southern Caribbean(Martinque, St Maarten and Barbados) on October 24th out of Fort Lauderdale through and hope to have some cruisemates close to my age. Only time will tell. As for the question about when to see whales in Alaska, you can see them anytime during the Alaskan cruiseship season, but you generally see more in August/September. You see a lot of whales on the Mexican Riviera cruises in January/February. Good luck on your cruises and smooth sailing. WK

Vicki Cook July 31st, 2005 07:21 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi! Just discovered this site and the message board. I love to cruise, but more or less gave them up because I did not want to travel alone on the longer cruises (10 days plus) and most of the singles groups were too young. I am over 50, divorced and can usually go on short notice. Please include me if you set up a separate list and I will keep watching this message board.

Email me direct at:


Joan D August 1st, 2005 07:11 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi, I am going on Galaxy, Oct. 31 - Panama Canal - Am from the Phoenix metro area and thought maybe someone else from the area might be going on that trip too.

My roommate isn't quite as active as I am and I would like to do some shore tours with someone - male or female - for company.

Also, would like to meet other singles who like to cruise.

Born2Cruise August 12th, 2005 03:32 PM

Re: single females over 50
Has anybody come up with an email list, destination or date to get this group started. My '05 cruise is on Carnival Glory on Sept. 3. I've been looking around for a good '06 cruise and hope to book one or two as soon as I return and would love to cruise with this group of women my age.

JoanD, I'm also in the Phoenix area and have a heck of a time finding single people who enjoy travelling, especially cruising.

Linda K. August 14th, 2005 10:16 AM

Re: single females over 50
Golden Princess 4/22/06 Southern Caribbean-- anyone going??

Jo J August 14th, 2005 03:34 PM

Re: single females over 50
Hi Everyone,
Love this thread. I am 47 female and took my first cruise in April. Now I"m hooked. I went with a single female friend who is in her very early 60's, and we had a great time. The only thing that could have made it better was to have met up with a group like this (OK, maybe meeting up with more single men would have been even better).

Linda K - my friend & I are considering the same cruise except we were thinking about going on 4/1/06. We are also considering the RCCL Serenade of the Seas on 4/15. We haven't booked anything yet, but our dates are flexible.

I will be taking my mother (84) on a cruise in November - I think it will be the Carnival Imagination 11/3/05. Is anyone else booked on this?

If you start up a directory, count me in. My email address is:

Safe traveling to all.

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