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Stuart November 10th, 2002 09:20 PM

Is bigger really better?
Hey this is my first cruise and ive talked to some friends who have mention the big boats and they said they had fun and im going on a 70,000 ton boat which im assuming is a medium sized boat and i was just wondering if bigger is better???and if your going on or have already been on Carnival Paradise give me some info please!

Phil November 11th, 2002 04:32 PM

Re: Is bigger really better?

Bigger is usually better... but it depends

I've been on 2 cruises so far, one on MTS Triton, a small no name ship (22 000 tons) and on the Carnival Ecstacy (about 70 000 tons).

On the triton there was great entertainement and a great sense of community. With only 700 people on board, you often ran into the same people and friendships were formed. On the Ecstacy we had more fun cause it was bigger and there was more to do. The food was also better. But you don't have the same sense of community. So yah, bigger is better. I'm going on the Explorer of the seas in December, a 130 000 ton ship... it's BIG! I hope it'll be fun.


Rob November 13th, 2002 03:24 PM

Re: Re: Is bigger really better?
Usually bigger is better. But your on a pretty large ship anyways. I;ve been on 2 cruises. Both carnival, and on 2 classes of ships. One was the smallest class (holiday), and the second was on like the mid-class ship (Fantasy class). The Ecstasy which is in the Fantasy class, and the Paradice is also, is a good shie ship. I didnt run out of anything to do on the 70,000 ton Ecstasy. On the 47,000 ton Jubilee, i kinda did. If you are going on a Carnival cruise, you will have fun and wont like extremely run out of things to do. The fanstasy class ships are a lot easier to get around on than the smaller Holiday class. Were going on the Carnival Pride in june 2003 and its like 88,000 tons. Anyways sorry the reply is so long and if u have any more questions just ask. later


Carnival Ecstasy - June 2000
Carnival Jubilee - July 2001
Carnival Pride - June 2003

Ariana. November 16th, 2002 10:11 AM

Re: Re: Is bigger really better?
Stuart.. dont worry about that. Last summer I was in the Paradise.
There is a lottt to do and lots of teen!
A cruise is what yoy make it.... Happy cruising.Phil wrote:

mmmmmmmmmmmmme November 25th, 2002 09:37 AM

Re: Re: Re: Is bigger really better?
Bigger is definately better!!!!!I went on the Explorer of the seas last may, and it was amazing. I also went on paradise and Impagination in the carvinal line, as well as a 4 night cruise when i was 11 aboard the Nordic Empress, on this smaller ship i found that there were a lot of older families due to the fact that they didn't figure there would be many people aboard. but on the paradise when i went last june, there were 20 teens aged 14-18 there. You'll have a great time on any cruise, even if you have to spend a little more time with your family then planned.

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