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wildtiger722 June 16th, 2009 04:31 PM

Freedom of the Seas June 7th review
hey everybody. i just got back from my 7 night carribean cruise on the Freedom and I'm sure some of you are wondering how it went. here's my review

Day 1-Port Canvaeral-When we flew into Florida it was wicked hot and nice and once we got to port canaveral it started DOWN-POURING. i was wicked mad and on until about 4pm it was raining so i was kinda upset. the 1st night at the teen club was preety fun I met some preety kool people. We had the first seating at Isaac's dining room. our waiters were "ok" but not my favorite. my family surprised me and the waiters surprised me with a cake. there was a line of like 8 waiters and they all sang congradulations for graduating and happy birthday (even though its a month away but this was a early b-day present)

Day 2-At Sea-it was still preety gloomy out. when i went with my dad to go get the waiver for the flowrider signed it was downpouring and actually fairly cold, (cold in the carribean) yea that makes sense lol. about halfway through the day i met up with a few kids i met the first night adn hung around with them until dinner. this was the first formal night so we got our pictures done and got to dress up, that's always preety fun. that night at the teen club we had the "Dusk party" that was by far my favorite out of all the dances they had. that night at 1am after it was over i went to sorrento's and had the best pizza i ever ate

Day 3-Labadee, Haiti- This was probably my favorite stop the whole cruise. In Haiti i did the Dragon's Flight Zipline which was absolutely intense and then i did the parasailing which was equally fun. i didn't go to dinner that night cause i was preety tired so instead i went to sorrento's (you couldn't keep me out of that place). that night was the pool party which was preety fun, when we were dancing i slipped and fell. it was preety funny

Day 4- Jamaica- Jamaica was preety fun. i did the calypso rafting which is when a tour guide takes u down the river in a bamboo raft. after we had made our first stop and we were leaving our raft got stuck sidewyas in the river, then we get unstuck and evry1 was clappin lol. i cant remember what went on in the teen club that night cause i was kinda jsut floating around the ship.

Day 5-Grand Cayman- this was by far the best day ON THE SHIP. i had the dolphin excursion which was got to hang on to the dolphin and it pulled you. then i ended up getting off the island early while my parents floated around. i went to my grandparents staterooma nd they said they had a surprise for me in the windjammer. so im like ????......we're sitting in the windjammer eating and around the corner came the waiter i had back on my november cruising...this waiter was the absolute **** and i could not believe he was on the Freedom. i think it took me about an hour to pick my jaw up off the floor. he ended up reserving a table for us so we were sitting over to where he was working. we gave him our address and all that so we can keep in touch with him
that night at the teen club i met a girl named kathy (who was the ****) and i hung around with her for the night.

Day 6-Cozumel,Mexico- this day was kind of a laid back day for me. i had been to cozumel twice before so i stayed on the ship and hung around the flowrider most of the day and walked around the ship with some of the kids i met. that night for the teen club we got to use the crypt. i was in and out of there all night cause i was hanging around with kathy so i kinda just popped in n out. after evry2 was done in the krypt i went and hung out with a few of my friends till about 2:30

Day 7-At Sea- this was the last day of the cruise and i was preety upset cause i had a lot of fun. i spent the majority of the afternoon hanging out with kathy and a kid named dan i met the night before. that night at dinner we said goodbye to our waiters and 1 of them performed magic tricks which were preety kool. that last night at the teen club we all got each others myspaces facebook's and all that stuff. then we had the last dance at Fuel till about 1:15. and then we all said goodbye to each other (some people were actually crying). me and a few other of the kids i'd been hanging around with went and hung out in the movie theatre talking untul there was only about 4 of us left. we were walking around on deck 12 and some worker came up to us and asked how old we were.i told him we were all under 18 and he was telling us we should go back to our staterooms so we dont get in trouble.that was the first time the whole cruise i had a run in with a staff member about curfew. we ended up just going down to the Promenade deck and sitting around till about 3am then i was getting really tired so i said bye to everybody and went back to my room and went to bed

Day 8.....ok this is the depressing part where i would talk about getting up rly early and having to leave the ship cause the cruise is over but i really dont want to lol....

any questions or anything like that feel free to ask

luv2cruise525 June 16th, 2009 05:14 PM

I'm glad you had a good time! I wish my cruise was that packed with all the excursions!

Tropicalstephy June 16th, 2009 05:25 PM

that sounds so fun!
when i go next week i'm going to do the zipline thing on Haiti, was it really scary? haha
were the teen people chill?

wildtiger722 June 16th, 2009 08:04 PM

the zipline is so intense. they send u down a small practice one first so if u dont like it u dont go all the way up to the top and be like i wanna go back down. there was a little bit of drama in the teen club between my group of people i hung with and another group but other then that it was a wicked fun time. i hope u have fun on ur cruise and i look forward to reading ur review

Tropicalstephy June 16th, 2009 08:07 PM

ah! i hate when theres drama! its so stupid! haha
but i'm totally pumped for the zipline, even though i'm kinda afraid of heights, but only a little, but i know that once i get to the top i'll be like i didn't walk up here for nothing! haha

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