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Handipaul29 February 5th, 2009 09:52 AM

How to change auto tip info needed to bring to account desk?
First time cruiser heard lots of horror stories pre paid tips staff doesn't care about people since its automatic and people don't usually change the auto tip just pay extra in cash for good service but keep it even with poor service.
If I were to choose to raise or lower the auto tip for good or bad service not that I plan too, mid thru the cruise. what information is required to do so? do I have to bring my wallet with credit card or just picture ID and tell them what cabin I'm in?
Also can someone change auto tip for someone else in the same cabin ie friends/family going together under one credit card or do we both have to go?

CruiseNOID February 5th, 2009 10:03 AM

I'll tell you what we did. We kept the standard auto tip the way it was. We know this is a dollar figure you can not get out of paying PLUS with the percentages split being such a small minute amount each person gets, it is not worth the extra work to do it.

Our cabin steward, we tipped him in cash a few bucks each day then "after hours" when we caught him on another deck working on the Lido deck on the last day. We also tipped in cash our dining room waiter on our last night of dinner.

colorcrazie February 5th, 2009 02:48 PM

If you feel the need to reduce the auto-tip, go to the purser's desk. They will usually want to know exactly what the problem was and why you did not complain earlier, so that they could fix things. A valid question, I suppose, but the one time I did this, the true answer, which I gave, was that we kept trying to ignore it and keep a good attitude. They asked for my cruise card and did the transaction on the spot. They also asked if I wanted to speak to the department manager, but this was the last morning and I had no desire to end the cruise with any more negativity than needed.

Handipaul29 February 5th, 2009 03:16 PM

Thank you Marty
its nice to ask a question and actually get an answer to the specific question not totally off topic answers with added questions than nobody answers the original question.

bboomer February 23rd, 2009 04:04 PM

My suggestion is do NOT auto tip in your case. Just remove it when you get on the ship and then stuff money into the envelopes and thank them personally. We use auto tip but like in my post their are disadvantages. Just make sure you have lots of traveller cheques so you can tip with cash.

Put all valuables in your cabin safe.

Kamloops Cruiser August 9th, 2009 10:43 PM

Some times if the staff hear that you have reduced the tip. They may give you poor service just to get back at you. Most staff earn the tip .
The staff use the tips to cover onshore costs when in port. their wage is usually sent directly to their families or special bank account.

fun2cruiz March 12th, 2011 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by bboomer (Post 1194209)
My suggestion is do NOT auto tip in your case. Just remove it when you get on the ship and then stuff money into the envelopes and thank them personally.

Not a real good suggestion IMHO..... If you remove the auto tips and just give tips out manually, there are staff that work behind the scens you never come in contact with that get a portion of the auto tips (and deserve them I may add). Removing the auto tip will eliminate those staff deserving of a tipo that the auto tip would have covered.

If at anytime during the cruise you are not satisfied with the service of say your stateroom attendant, or servers, etc..... you would be doing them an injustice not to report them and possibly adjust your tips, IF they did not correct the issue you were having with them after a chat with guest services.


Ianvel May 14th, 2018 06:58 AM

Thank you for sharing it's great

kandajones May 14th, 2018 03:26 PM

If you are concerned, then I would suggest you visit the front desk on the first day at sea & ask for ALL tips/gratuities to be removed (btw this won't change the charge added to wine & bar drinks drinks). Explain that you would rather tip where & when you felt it appropriate. Then later in the review your decision & you can always re-add the auto tips.
Doing it this way send the clear message that you want to control the tipping, rather than being upset or disappointed with the service.


Nite May 14th, 2018 05:41 PM

Interesting thread!
I realize this is an old thread given new life, but it is something that Iím passionate about.

I work in the entertainment industry in FL. Iím typically a good tipper (especially at a place I frequent). When I relocated to South FL, I found that many places (including my place of business) include an automatic ďgratuityĒ to a bill with varying levels of MANDATORY! The service is some of the worst Iíve ever experienced. I donít know that Iíve ever felt the service received warranted the amount added to the bill.

I typically tip at a higher % than what is automatically added, but I will not add to a bill that has already been added to. I have a server that works days at my job and evenings/nights at another place I frequent. He and Iíve discussed how I leave only whatís added, but am very generous when adding it myself. Even he admits he would treat me better at his night job.

I know that suggests that a server works harder to gain a customerís favor when the customer chooses! But, I also realize that I am just one person and not representative of the various cultures that make up the SoFL market. Iíve seen that many customers leave no tip if it isnít added to the bill.

How do you fix that delima? I realize that fixing your auto grats at the purser may be better than nothing, but does one single passenger (or so) on one single trip really influence a crew member enough to change their work ethic established by many voyages worth of complacency? Does leaving a few $ís each day to a steward or dinner service actually stay with that person, or is it pooled?

I donít think I have ever been happy with my service when Iíve ordered a drink that was part of my package...certainly never 18% worth of a ridiculously inflated drink price...

I guess on my next trip, Iíll focus all my activities to 1-2 bars and waitstaff. Perhaps after a few days of tipping extra, they will recognize me. But, with everyone on a free beverage package, will they have time for me?

Any crew want to weigh in on this one?

Is there a particular cruise line that does something better?

Expat Cruise June 15th, 2018 03:06 AM

Daily Service Gratuities are always removable, and while the cruise line may ask for a reason you do not need to tell them anything. They are optional in all cases vs a daily service fee. The only main line cruise I believe using a daily service fee is Costa, the other lines they are daily gratuity fees. In 40 years of cruising, 80 cruises I have never allowed a Daily Gratuity fee to be charged to my account.

I tip who I want and when I want, it is not my job as a guest to pay behind the scenes workers or to give them money because they are overworked, underpaid. I pay for cruise, gratuities are always optional and have nothing to do with the cruise lines. If a cruise lines makes Gratuities required I do not book with them.

My last Costa trip they tried to charge them based upon it being a service fee, I did get them removed, but not without a meeting with the Hotel Director & Staff Captain. Move work than most guest would do. I hate cruise lines trying to steal and defraud guest with these fees which are not paid to the crew as guests think.

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